About Us

Ogūn is an essential menswear brand that is passionate about quality, functionality, the classic and the modern.

We specialise in blending traditional menswear, workwear and outdoor pieces, all inspired by a life in the Mother City. We produce an evolving range of diverse yet timeless menswear and accessories using traditional manufacturing techniques. Our garments are made from locally sourced and sustainable materials wherever possible.


The company’s first collection was launched in 2017 with the mission to produce good clothing based on decent fits, quality materials and distinct yet sensible designs.


One of our deepest joys is knowing who our business supports and helping our manufacturing partners and their families grow as we grow. We visit our factories weekly and talk to those who work there – most of them are mothers and fathers who talk and enjoy themselves. It is essential for us that they thrive as this ultimately affects the quality of the products we produce.

The Namesake


“Ogun is a master craftsman and artist, farmer, warrior, the essence of creativity and destruction, a recluse and a gregarious imbiber, a reluctant leader of men and deities”.